Mia Martinez’ World healing singles have been composed in collaboration with Peter Michael Jensen and a collective of musicians, each chosen to bring their personal flavour to the tracks of jazz, latin, soul and reggae. 

The project is a return to music after twelve years with full focus on the healing arts:

“This project just pushed itself through. I have quite a lot I needed to express, and it is in line with what I have done through my journey within music and the healing arts, in my life so far,” Mia Martinez explains.

In 2003 Mia Martinez was chosen for a project by the Danish Musicians Union, where artists were trained to become a corporate art facilitators. Mia brought her knowledge to big corporations like Novo Nordisk and Nycomed. Then became a career coach for artists, aiding their process by re-framing, re-discovering their artistic spirit.

It was while in this position Mia Martinez recognised how she could help people from all walks of life to become more aware of their body, mind and spirit connection. Through her teachings of  breath and energy work, voice and movement, in how to open up and let go: 

At the start of my career it was more about being acknowledged. But at this stage of my life, my soul purpose it making people feel the joy and connection … LOVE & LIGHT.”